Aermotor 8-Cycle Engine MUFFLER (Reproduction)

Folks keep asking for them, so I keep making them!!!  This reproduction muffler is designed and crafted to look and work just like the original equipment from the manufacturer.  I manufacture each muffler by hand, using components patterned from an original 1912 Aermotor muffler. Each muffler is assembled using welds and solid rivets to maintain the original look and feel while ensuring superior strength and durability.  Built to match the original Aermotor dimensions for original equipment fit and performance.  The correct size and placement of the holes inside the muffler ensure correct relief pressure and air flow to let the engine perform as it was designed.  If you have seen an original, you will appreciate this one looks just like it.  Overall length is 5-1/2 inches, outside diameter is 1-3/4 inches, threaded pipe is 3/4 inch NPT (about 1 inch outside diameter).

Priced at only $52.00 for direct orders.  I will ship anywhere in the continental United States by Priority Mail (estimated 2 days) for only $8.00 flat rate shipping cost.  To order, email me at hitnmiss@lonax.com to be sure I have one ready.  I will confirm by return email and provide you my street address to send Post Office Money Order for $60.00 ($52 + $8) along with your shipping address.  Email me with any questions.  ~ Glenn

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